Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

More Great Female Authors and International Delegations

We are pleased to announce that a brunch is being planned for Hassina Sherjan as part of our Great Female Authors Series on Oct. 21th.  Hassina worked to educate girls in Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban and will speaking about her experiences and the future of education in Afghanistan.  Check back for updates.

On November 1st, we will be welcoming a delegation from South Korea to talk about the Future of Korea. Our featured guests will be:

  • Abraham Kim, Interm President, Korea Economic Institute
  • Jinwook Kim, Counselor, Embassy of the Republic of Korea
  • Jacob Choi, Office of Korean Affairs, U.S. Department of State

Details are still being planned check back soon for updates.

Any questions can be emailed to us at wacharrisburg@gmail.com.