This page soon will be dedicated to providing information, resources for new immigrants and refugees living in the capital region.  The World Affairs Council of Harrisburg also is reaching out to immigrant groups to collaborate and to help new residents understand the culture and history of this area.

We are interested in the following information:

  • Organizations that serve immigrants and refugees — contact info, online links, etc.
  • Educatiimmigrantsonal opportunities for immigrants
  • Cultural events
  • Workshops on life skills
  • Youth activities
  • Language classes
  • Housing information
  •  Medical information

If you or your organization is interested in helping us with this project, please contact us at, or call 717 221 1627.

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  1. amelia
    amelia / 1-30-2014 / ·

    Ex-president warns Ukraine ‘on brink of civil war’

    In Ukraine there are many protests going on against the government and their decisions with the EU and Russia. It started when Ukraine announced that they were not going to sign with the EU and a couple days later riot police held up dozens of protesters. On January 16th Parliament passed a law making it illegal to protest in Ukraine. Ukraine “is on the bring of civil war.”

  2. amelia
    amelia / 2-8-2014 / ·

    Scenes of devastation in Sarajevo follow violent protests

    In Sarajevo there are many protesters, protesting against the corruption and poverty in the country. There is much damage done to the city including burned government buildings with graffiti on them. The citizens say that they are frustrated with the government because all they worry about is how much money their making. 4 in 10 people are unemployed and the young people have little hope in getting a good job. Many of the people are lucky to get 400 euros a month! Bosnia has had many problems in the past and hopefully they can work this out.

  3. amelia
    amelia / 2-15-2014 / ·

    CAR disarmament drive fails to capture militia leader

    In the CAR (Central African Republic) the French militia took a step lowering the amount of gunfights by ridding everyone in Bangui of firearms. There have bee recent attacks on Muslims by Christians, but the Christians try to justify their attacks by saying that since they were attacking them in the past years that they have a right to attack them now. I don’t think that this justifies it because if a kid hits another kid he is not allowed to hit him back or they’ll both get in trouble. I believe that people should stop trying to get revenge because it only causes more problems.

  4. amelia
    amelia / 2-22-2014 / ·

    Venezuelan police and opposition activists clash in Caracas

    For the last 11 days, there have been daily protests in Venezuela over the government. There has been much poverty and inflation over the years and people have been protesting against the government because of it. While the citizens were hurling stones, the government was firing tear gas. This protest is also not the only protest going on in the world; there have been many protests in last few years in several countries. After these protests many countries while be quite different.

  5. amelia
    amelia / 3-1-2014 / ·

    Mexico’s top drug lord Joaquin ‘Shorty’ Guzman arrested

    Will arrest of ‘El Chapo’ Guzman curb Chicago drugs?

    Last Saturday one of the Public Enemy Number One was arrested for his participation in drug-dealing. He was the drug-lord for one of the most largest drug-trafficking in Mexico. He has been arrested a few times before but has escaped or bribed officers. Some officials believe that his arrest will lower some of the violence and drug dealing in Chicago because of his dealings there. Others do not because there is a demand for it.

  6. amelia
    amelia / 3-6-2014 / ·

    Kashmiri students in India cricket row face sedition charges

    In India a group of students were arrested for cheering on India’s arch rival, Pakistan, in a cricket match. They were charged with sedition and they will have to go to prison for three years. This event reminds us how in some countries they do not have as much freedom of speech as we do and that different countries have different approaches towards governing.

  7. amelia
    amelia / 3-7-2014 / ·

    Five Afghan soldiers killed in Nato strike

    On Thursday of last week, 5 Afghan soldiers were killed from a Nato air strike. A district governor believes it was an US drone. The place where it was targeted was a military post which used to have American soldiers, but recently they moved out of the post and Afghan soldiers were there. Now the president is not going to sign a security deal with the US which would let US soldiers go back home at the end of the year. This may rise some conflict between the two nations.

  8. amelia
    amelia / 3-14-2014 / ·

    Nigeria Boko Haram: ‘Hundreds’ attack Maiduguri

    In the city of Maiduguri hundreds attacked the univeristy area and where the civil servants work. They believe that the Boko Harma were behind this attack. They attack cities frequently because they want to turn Nigeria into an Islamic state. They have killed at least 500 this year.

  9. amelia
    amelia / 3-21-2014 / ·

    Zuma Nkandla home: South Africa’s DA lays criminal charges

    Many articles on the subject

    The first article is from BBC news and the second one is from a newspaper located in Johannesburg, South Africa. In South Africa there are many problems with the president who spent a lot of taxpayers’ money for his own use. His pool included a pool and a cattle enclosure. The Democratic Alliance is pressing charges, but the president will do everything possible to be innocent of the charges.

  10. amelia
    amelia / 4-5-2014 / ·

    Volcano in Equador Erupted

    Ten miles away from Peru’s capital, Quito, a volcano erupted on Friday the 4th. For the past 15 years there have been some eruptions but this eruption sent ash clouds six miles high! The explosion lasted for about five minutes and has rattled many windows and houses. It caused the airport to close and affected a third of the country’s provinces.

  11. amelia
    amelia / 4-5-2014 / ·

    Afghanistan election

    In Afghanistan 7 millian people out of the 12 million people eligible voted for president but there were reports of violence. Many places ran out of paper ballots and at some places across the country there was violence at the polls. All 400,000 of Afghanistan’s police officers were working. There were officers at the polls and along the roads (to prevent traffic in the city). At least 10% of polls announced that it was unsafe to open. In Kunduz three IEC and three Afghan military were killed in a rocket attack by the Taliban. There was a total of 12 killed and nine injured in a battle between insurgents and Afghan national army. And in Logar (eastern) an Afghan soldier was killed.
    In America we almost take it for granted that we can safely go to the polls on election day but we should be aware that in some other countries they don’t have the same security and may even be scared to go out and vote.

  12. amelia
    amelia / 4-12-2014 / ·

    Iraq Anbar violence sparks civilian search for safety

    In Iraq, specifically the province of Anbar, there has been an increasing amount of violence against civilians. The number of civilian deaths has more than doubled from 2012 to 2013 from 3,000 to 7,000. Many civilians have left their homes to find safety but are now living in poverty; there is a lack of food, little sanitation, and money has also been scarce. There are also many children who are not in school and some of them have high hopes of becoming doctors and teachers. This violence will be an obstacle to their goals.
    Recently there has been an attack against the prime minister of Iraq. There was a shooting between his guards and another militant group. It is uncertain what happened but it is believed that the militant group was disguised as soldiers but then attack them. Fortunately, no one was killed. There was also a roadside bomb that went off on Thursday that wounded six and killed one civilian. These recent acts of violence have been increasingly occurring since 2008 because of the civil war.

  13. amelia
    amelia / 4-20-2014 / ·

    Last Friday I saw this article on World News and I thought it was very sad. Several miles off the coast of South Korea a ferry sunk which was carrying many high school students. One person even texted their parents saying that they loved them and were not sure if they were ever going to say that to them in person again.

    64 people have died and still 238 people are still missing. But they have rescued 174 passengers. 339 out of the 476 passengers were students and teachers. Many parents want to know what orders were given and why they weren’t given earlier. The orders were to get life jackets and more clothing. Some are thinking that if they told them earlier that more people would have been saved and if there were better orders more would have been saved. Some people started protesting in Seoul, but were asked to stop because it could cause national conflicts. Let’s hope that more are found and are alive somewhere.

    1. amelia
      amelia / 4-20-2014 / ·

      I meant I watched a report about this article.

  14. amelia
    amelia / 4-25-2014 / ·

    Dozens die as floods engulf northern Afghan villages

    Flood kills nearly 40 in northern Afghanistan

    Flood death toll climbs to 107, hundreds homeless

    In the northern province of Jawzjan there was a flash flood that claimed many lives. An article that was written in Afghanistan says that the death toll has reached 107 while other reports have said around 50 or more. It happened overnight; one person said she noticed it right after reading her evening prayers and then lost two of her children. This area heavily depends on agriculture and the flood has damaged thousands of acres of crops and a thousand cattle. Many of the people who survived climbed to the top of their roofs and then helicopters or other air crafts rescued them if they could see them. Many of the people who were rescued do not know when they can go back to their homes and what state it will be in. Luckily, many people were evacuated from their homes.

  15. amelia
    amelia / 5-3-2014 / ·

    Gunfire injures three Naples fans ahead of Italy final

    Before the soccer match in Rome, Italy three soccer fans were injured (they being Napoli fans). Only one is in a serious condition; fortunately no one was killed. There had been some violence in the outskirts of Rome before the match but the police do not believe that they are related. They do not know the motive behind it but there have been clashes between the two rival teams (Napoli and Fiorentina). There were several other injured people; these injuries caused by firecrackers and the like. The match started late and Napoli beat Fiorentina 3-1.

  16. amelia
    amelia / 5-5-2014 / ·

    Boko Haram admits abducting Nigeria girls from Chibok

    In Nigeria, over 200 school girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram in April. The girls were from the town of Chibok. Boko Haram is in an Islamist military group in Nigeria. There is little information about this tragedy.

  17. wachintern
    wachintern / 6-16-2014 / ·

    Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for attacks in Mpeketoni, Kenya
    On Sunday evening, attackers brutalized the coastal Kenyan town of Mpeketoni.

    1. wachintern
      wachintern / 6-16-2014 / ·

      48 people have been confirmed dead by the Kenyan Red Cross. Reporters from BBC have information that the gunman shot dead anyone who could not recite verses from the Koran. The Al-Shabaab group claims the attack, which is part of a string of attacks dating back to 2011, is to avenge the deaths of Muslims that perished as a result of the Kenyan military invasion of Somalia.

  18. wachintern
    wachintern / 6-17-2014 / ·

    Twin tornados tear across the small town of Pilger, Nebraska

    PIlger, Nebraska was devastated on Monday, June 16 when two tornados touched down for more than an hour and destroyed as much as three-fourths of the small town. The tornados wreaked havoc on the business district, demolished 40 to 50 houses, and reduced the police station to rubble. At least 2 people have died because of the tornados, including a 5-year-old girl. 16 people have been injured and the town of PIlger has been virtually wiped off the map.

  19. wachintern
    wachintern / 6-18-2014 / ·

    Dozens missing after boat sinks off coast of Malaysia

    A boat carrying 97 suspected illegal Indonesian immigrants capsized off the western coast of Malaysia. The boat was overcrowded and not fit for sea voyage. 5 people have been confirmed dead and there are still 32 missing. Authorities believe that the boat was heading towards Malaysia, carrying illegal immigrant workers eager to find jobs in the vast oil palm plantations. Unfortunately, this is a dangerous and common practice – Malaysia is home to 2 million undocumented immigrants (7% of its total population).

  20. wachintern
    wachintern / 6-19-2014 / ·

    3 Muslims killed in Buddhist mob attacks in Sri Lanka

    The hardline Buddhist nationalist group Bodu Bala Sena attacked Muslim areas in Sri Lanka, killing 3 and injuring 57. The attack followed a large rally, held by monks who were supporters of Bodu Bala Sena. The Buddhist nationalist group cites the alleged assault of a monk by Muslim youths as reason for the attacks. The Muslims and Buddhists have been living harmoniously for quite some time in this area, and the idea of another religious battles is alarming. With 70% of the population being Buddhist, and only 10% being Muslim a religious battle holds the promise of being bloody and detrimental to both sides.

  21. wachintern
    wachintern / 7-1-2014 / ·

    Former French president Sarkozy detained for questioning
    French ex-President Sarkozy held over influence claims

    Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy is being held at Nanterre in regards to allegations that he sought inside information from a judge in an investigation about his campaign funding. Sarkozy was France’s President from 2007 thru 2012, and claims had been made that his 2007 campaign was funded in large part by Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and other questionable sources. The present allegations center around the claim that Sarkozy bribed judge GIlbert Azibert into telling him inside information about the case, including the fact that his phone was being bugged. Investigators found a secret phone that Sarkozy purchased under an assumed name, that he assumedly used to conduct shady business. Under French law, the police can hold a suspect for 48 hours before he must be charged or release. Sarkozy’s offenses hold possible jail time – a great blow to Sarkozy’s hopes of returning to the presidential office during the 2017 elections.

  22. wachintern
    wachintern / 7-3-2014 / ·

    Ebola virus: Can nations stop deadliest ever outbreak from spreading?

    Outbreak of Ebola in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone

    Ebola: WHO calls emergency talks on outbreaks

    An outbreak of Ebola erupted in West Africa of March 2014. As of June 30th, 2014, there has been 759 confirmed cases of Ebola and 467 fatalities. This outbreak is the largest display of ebola in history. The magnitude of those infected is only one of the reasons that this outbreak proves to be such an immediate danger. For the first time, those infected are not confined to rural areas in one country of Africa. Three countries, Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, have all been infected and there have been cases found in the capital cities. Also, this specific strain of Ebola has been found to have a 90% fatality rate. The World Health Organization recognizes that there needs to be drastic actions taken in order to stamp out the spread of the virus before it reaches other areas in the West African region. WHO emphasizes the need for inter-country communication and collaboration in order to stop this virus before it wreaks any more havoc.

  23. wachintern
    wachintern / 7-8-2014 / ·

    Afghan poll crisis

    Afghan presidential candidate says run-off was “rigged”

    Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah emerges victorious in the final polls, despite primary results that favored his opponent, Ashraf Ghani. After the initial results were revealed with Ghani winning over Abdullah, Abdullah was outraged. Prior to the election, United States Secretary of State John Kerry warned that if Abdullah would lose the election, he would plan to start a parallel government. A parallel government would be disastrous in Afghanistan, as it is already a fairly divided country and both Ghani and Abdullah have loyal supporters throughout the nation. Abdullah’s supporters were outraged and claimed fraud after the initial election results, and it seemed as if Abdullah would enact his plan of a parallel government. However, Abdullah instead demanded a recount of 1/3 of the population’s votes. After the recount, it was found that Mr. Abdullah was in actuality victorious, and he will take the presidential seat ruling over Afghanistan.

  24. wachintern
    wachintern / 7-9-2014 / ·

    US spying row

    Allegation of US spying on Germany are “serious”

    On Wednesday morning, another German citizen was arrested under the pretense that he was passing confidential German documents to the NSA. This arrest follows another from July 4th, in which a man said to be working for the BND German foreign intelligence agency was accused of sharing secrets with the Americans. As of now, the two arrested men seem to have no real connection, and the new case of potential espionage is proving to be quite serious. German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that if the allegations against the accused spies prove to be true, it would breach cooperation levels between America and Germany.

  25. wachintern
    wachintern / 7-10-2014 / ·

    Nuclear materials seized by Iraq insurgents

    Iraq rebels ‘seize nuclear materials”

    “Terrorist groups” in Iraq have seized nuclear materials

    On July 8th, the Iraq government addressed the UN nuclear agency stating that Iraqi terrorist organizations were in possession of nuclear materials. Iraq’s UN Ambassador, Mohamed Ali Alhakim, told the council that insurgents had taken control of Mosul University, which was housing 88 pounds of uranium for scientific research. Although the spokeswoman from the International Atomic Energy Agency stated that the nuclear material obtained is “low grade” and doesn’t pose a significant risk to national security, certain nations are still weary about the situation. Iraq has asked for international help in order to prevent the use of atomic energy in terrorist attacks in Iraq or abroad. However, countries like America seem to be unconcerned about the danger posed by the amount and type of nuclear material obtained by Iraqi insurgent groups.

  26. wachintern
    wachintern / 7-15-2014 / ·

    Car bomb kills at least 38 people in Afghanistan

    Afghan market car bomb kills 89 in Paktika province

    Local officials say that 89 people were killed, and more injured in a car bomb explosion in an Afghanistan market in the Pakitka province. The market was full of Muslim Afghanis shopping for Ramadan when the suicide bomb detonated, creating the most chaos and destruction this area of Pakitka has seen in months. The easternmost border of the Paktika province borders some volatile tribes in Pakistan, however Orgun, where the market was located, was previously thought of as one of the safest locations in the province. Of the 89 people confirmed dead, many of them were women and children shopping for Ramadan. The hospitals around Orgun are flooded with casualties from the attack.

  27. wachintern
    wachintern / 7-16-2014 / ·

    Iraq crisis: Kurdistan’s female fighters take on Isis

    Taking aim at ISIS: Women train to defend the streets of Baghdad

    The women of Kurdish Peshmerga, a small province in Iraq, are moving into areas abandoned by the military. These women, brandishing automatic weapons and combat uniforms, are training to fight rebel jihadist groups, such as ISIS. The unit is commanded by Col Nahida Ahmed Rashid, who said the unit was formed back in 1996 to fight radical supporters of Saddam Hussein. The Peshmerga have been instrumental in securing the Kurdistan Region. In other areas of Iraq, Shiite militia have begun to educate women and young girls on how to fight and defend themselves. The Badr Brigade, a powerful Shiite militia with upwards of 10,000 members, has begun a five day training course to educate the women associated with the Brigade on how to fight. The wives, daughters, and sisters of the militiamen will leave with an understanding on how to stand up for themselves if confronted by rebel jihadist groups, such as ISIS. Women have always played a part in wars in the Middle East, but as conflict continues to mount, so does the involvement of women eager to help defend their cause.

  28. wachintern
    wachintern / 7-22-2014 / ·

    15,000 flee after Boko Haram overtakes Nigerian town

    ‘Thousands displaced’ by Boko Haram assault

    A raid of Damboa, Nigeria ended on Sunday, resulting in 66 casualties and the displacement of over 15,000 Nigerian citizens. The attack is reported to have been the work of Islamic militant group Boko Haram. The members of Boko Haram entered the northeastern Nigerian town on Thursday armed with extensive weapons. The attack is believed to be revenge for a prior dispute between Boko Haram and the Damboa military on July 4th, which left over fifty members of Boko Haram dead. The whole of the Nigerian militia says that they will not be overrun by a terrorist group, and they have made claims to reassure the citizens of Damboa that they will take back their town. Boko Haram has already sparked international outrage when they kidnaped hundreds of girls from a Nigerian boarding school, so the government takes any threats in which they are involved quite seriously.

  29. wachintern
    wachintern / 7-23-2014 / ·

    Ukraine: Two military jets shot down over Donetsk

    Ukraine: Separatists Downed 2 Fighter Jets Close to Crash Site

    Two Ukrainian fighter jets were shot down over Dontesk on Wednesday. Dontesk is wedged in the heart of eastern Ukraine, an area riddled with conflict between Ukrainian security officers and pro-Russian rebels. It is believed that these pro-Russian rebels shot down the two fighter jets using a shoulder-fired missile system. The pilots ejected the plane, but their condition is unknown. This shooting occurs just six days after the deadly attack on the Malaysian airliner Flight 17 that killed hundreds. While many US officials believe both of the attacks were caused by pro-Russian rebels, or even the Russians themselves, other reports have been trying to put the blame of the airliner crash onto Ukrainian security members.

  30. wachintern
    wachintern / 7-24-2014 / ·

    Norway expects Islamist terrorism attempt within ‘a few days’

    Who is Behind the Terror Threat against Norway?

    On Wednesday the Police Security Service in Norway informed the Norwegian government of a possible Islamic terrorist threat planned for the following days. The information provided to the public is very vague – neither a terrorist organization nor a target are named. However, the Norwegian intelligence agencies maintain that news of the threat came from a credible source, and proper procedures are being taken to ensure the safety of Norwegians. Terrorist specialists have speculated about who is behind the possible terrorist attacks and have concluded that it is far more likely to be a small radical group with ties to Norway rather then the large terroristic organizations that are prominent today, such as the ISIL. Since the location of the terrorist attack is undetermined, a nationwide security shutdown is sweeping across Norway. Armed police are stationed at government buildings, major transportation hubs, and prominent Norwegian companies, specifically the energy company Statoil.

  31. wachintern
    wachintern / 7-28-2014 / ·

    Japanese high school girl accused of murdering, decapitating classmate

    Police probe possible link between 2channel postings and Sasebo killing

    Japan is notorious for its low crime rates, but on Sunday, the city of Sasebo was rocked by the gruesome murder and dismemberment of fifteen-year-old Aiwa Matsuo. Even more disturbing, the suspect who confessed to the crime was the young girl’s sixteen-year-old best friend. Reportedly, the suspect, whose name is being with held since she is a minor, has confessed to the crime. The confession stated that the suspect invited Matuso to her own apartment, where she was living alone, hit her multiple times over the head with a metal object, and then strangled her with a piece of rope. This story is consistent with the evidence at hand, as Matuso’s cause of death was strangulation. After Matuso had died, the suspect began to dismember the body, cutting off her head and left hand. The Nagasaki Prefectural Police are now looking into a link between an eerie series of four posts on 2channel and the murder. Although the police have not confirmed that the suspect in custody is the author of these posts, the writings offer a glimpse into the mind of a disturbed individual, who claimed to be in the process of killing a person throughout the posts. This murder follows the 2004 murder of an elementary school student by one of her peers in Sasebo.

  32. wachintern
    wachintern / 7-30-2014 / ·

    Landslides trap 150 people or more in western India

    Indian landslide: Dozens trapped in Pune village of Malin

    17 Dead, Nearly 200 Trapped After Massive Landslide Near Pune

    A massive landslide wreaked havoc on a small village outside Pune, India earlier this morning after torrential downfall was pummeling the land for days. At least 17 are confirmed dead and more than 150 are suspected to be buried under the piles of mud and debris. According to the local commissioner of the Pune district, Prabhakar Deshmukh, the landslide flattened 40 houses. The landslide happened in the early hours of the day, around 3 am, leaving residents little time to evacuate their homes. Emergency workers have been dispatched to help rescue those buried, but traffic jams and difficult terrain are proving to be troublesome obstacles. Currently, the only vehicles allowed to approach the site are emergency responders. The Prime Minister and Home Minister of India have released a statement saying they plan to go visit the site.

  33. wachintern
    wachintern / 8-5-2014 / ·

    China ‘investigating Canada couple over state secrets’

    China investigates Canadian coffee shop owners for theft of state secrets

    Canadian couple Kevin and Julia Garratt are currently under investigation of the Chinese government for allegedly stealing state secrets from China. The Garratt family has lived in China since 1984, working as teachers in Southern China before opening a coffee shop in Dandong in 2008. Dandong is the primary Chinese – North Korea border crossing and trade link. In addition to running their coffee shop business, Kevin and Julia Garratt helped interested travelers set up trips into North Korea. As of now, the specifics of the charges have not been released, and since China classifies a state secret fairly ambiguously, it is unclear the severity of the alleged crime. There are also conflicting reports of the current whereabouts of Kevin and Julia Garratt. Some reports, including a statement released by the Canadian Embassy, claims that the couple has been detained by Chinese government. However, reports from China say that the Garratt’s location is unknown.

  34. wachintern
    wachintern / 8-27-2014 / ·

    Child firing Uzi at Arizona shooting range accidentally kills instructor, police say

    Arizona shooting: Girl, nine, kills gun instructor

    A nine-year-old girl accidentally shot her shooting instructor in the head on Monday, fatally wounding him. Charles Vacca, a veteran and shooting instructor at Bullets and Burgers in Arizona, died late Monday night after being flown to a hospital near White Hills, Arizona. The weapon has been identified as an Uzi, an Israeli submachine gun. The young girl’s parents caught the fatal interaction on videotape, documenting how the young girl successfully fired one round and a target, lost control because of the kickback of the gun, and accidentally shot Vacca in the head. This marks the second accidental fatality as a result of a Uzi, following the death of an 8-year old boy at a gun show in 2008.

  35. wachintern
    wachintern / 8-28-2014 / ·

    Turkey’s Erdogan is inaugurated as president

    Erdoğan sworn in as president, main opposition boycotts ceremony

    Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken the oath of office, swearing in to become the President of Turkey. Erdogan is the twelfth president of Turkey, the first one to ever be elected by popular vote. The voting process, along with the ceremony, proved to be very tense. The central opposing party, the Republican People’s Party, tried to start a debate about procedures the day of the inauguration, but their request was denied by Parliament Speaker Cemil Çiçek. Following this denial, a member of the Republican People’s Party reportedly threw a parliamentary regulations book at Cicek before all the deputies of the party walked out.

  36. wachintern
    wachintern / 9-2-2014 / ·

    US military targets Al-Shabab in Somalia

    Somalia’s al-Shabab: Ahmed Abdi Godane ‘targeted by US’

    On Monday, the United States led a military drone strike in Somalia, reportedly targeting the leader of the Somalian-based terrorist group, Al-Shabab. Ahmed Abdi Godane, the leader of Asl-Shabab, was reported to be meeting with other prominent leaders in a forest near Sablale district where the terrorist group has been known to train their fighters. Six people have been reported dead after the airstrike, but it is unclear at this time if Godane was one of the casualties. Ahmed Abdi Godane is the role model for all the insurgents in Al-Shabab, and he is responsible for joining Al-Shabab with Al-Qaeda. Al-Shabab is most commonly known for their attack on the affluent Westgate mall in Nairobi, where at least 67 people were killed.

  37. wachintern
    wachintern / 9-3-2014 / ·

    DNA frees North Carolina’s longest-serving death row resident

    DNA evidence overturns 30-year convictions in US case

    In 1984, half-brothers Leon Brown and Henry McCollum were convicted of the rape and murder of 11-year old Sabrina Buie in North Carolina. Now, more than three decades later, the brothers are being exonerated. DNA evidence found at the scene has been analyzed further and found that it did not implicate Brown or McCollum, but rather another man who is in prison for a similar crime. Brown and McCollum were just teenagers when they were convicted of the crime and sentenced to death. Brown’s sentence was eventually reduced to life in prison, but McCollum has since been the longest person on death row in North Carolina. Both Brown and McCollum originally claimed that their confessions were coerced after a five-hour long interrogation session, but despite the weak case presented by the prosecutors, they were still convicted. Now they are finally being released, but they have been unjustly incarcerated for 30 years.

  38. wachintern
    wachintern / 9-4-2014 / ·

    Boko Haram crisis: ‘Bodies litter’ Nigeria’s Bama town

    Boko Haram seizes strategic Nigerian town

    On Monday, the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram attacked and seized the Nigerian town of Bama. Reportedly, 26,000 people have fled the town, and Boko Haram militants are still prowling the streets, but the Nigerian military still maintains that the terrorist group is not in control over the town. Still today, two days after the attack, the Boko Haram militants are patrolling the streets, refusing to allow the remaining population to bury the dead. Bama is a key strategic town in Boko Haram’s plan, as it is believed that they are trying to surround their final target: the main city of Maiduguri. Maidurguri is a city with a population exceeding two million people, and an attack by Boko Haram could prove to be devastating.

  39. wachintern
    wachintern / 9-8-2014 / ·

    Scottish independence campaign gaining ground, polls suggest

    Scottish independence: Pound falls after referendum poll

    On September 18th, voters in Scotland will decide whether Scotland would like to remain part of the UK, or break off into its own independent country. In 2012, the UK – England, Wales, and Northern Ireland – decided to vote on this, and the decision has since been looming. Originally, polls suggested that the majority of people were going to vote for Scotland to remain as part of the UK, however polls conducted on Sunday reveal a significant change in moment. It seems like the campaign for unity is now losing moment, as the campaign for Scottish independence is gaining moment. As of Sunday, the YouGov polls had the vote for independence at 51% and the vote for unity at 49%. Already, there are repercussions of this apparent shift of popularity. The British pound has experienced a serious drop, making one pound equal to $1.61 – a ten-month low. Also, companies with Scottish ties seem to be experiencing a decrease in stocks. Approaching the vote, the world seems to be preparing for a messy split.

  40. wachintern
    wachintern / 9-9-2014 / ·

    Seven dead as Yemeni police open fire on anti-government protesters in Sanaa

    Yemen: ‘Four dead’ as police fire on Houthi protesters

    Government troops in Yemen have shot at members of a Shia anti-government protesting group in the capital city of Sanaa. On Tuesday, thousands of Houthi activists filled the streets of Sanaa, blocking off main streets and marching on government buildings.The group, who has been active on and off since 2004, was looking to advocate or a revision in fuel subsidy cuts. In what is being referred to as the bloodiest day of weeks-long demonstrations from the Houthi activists, the government began to open fire on the activist outside of the cabinet building. An anonymous security guard claims that several Houthi activists attempted to storm the cabinet building, thus provoking the shooting. However, the spokesman for the Houthi activists, Ansar Allah, claims that no one tried to rush the capital. The conflict left at least seven people dead, and others radically injured.

  41. wachintern
    wachintern / 9-11-2014 / ·

    Russia warns US against strikes on Islamic State in Syria

    Obama promises a long and limited war on Islamic State

    On Wednesday, President Obama announced that the United States will be taking a stand against the terrorist organization ISIL. Obama’s plan of attack is not on the ground – he recommends 450 troops be deployed, but not for combat. Instead, Obama suggested that the United States launch a series of air attacks wherever the presence of ISIL is felt. Currently, that includes areas all over Iraq and Syria. This announcement has met some resistance, particularly from the President of Syria – Assad, and Syria’s major ally Russia. Assad and Putin have released statements saying if the United States launches air strikes in Syria without the consent of the UN, it will be viewed as a foreign act of aggression.

  42. wachintern
    wachintern / 9-16-2014 / ·

    Deadly shooting at Copenhagen debt court

    Deadly shooting in Copenhagen court building

    On Tuesday, a gunman opened fire in a court house in Copenhagen, killing one man and seriously injuring another. Danish police say they have arrested the shooter, and that his weapon, a sawed off shotgun was recovered at the scene. The motive for the shooting is officially unclear, as the court case being heard at the time of the attack was only a preliminary case. However, the debt court also deals with familial problems. The Danish police say that they believe a familial dispute could be behind this vicious and seemingly unprovoked shooting.

  43. wachintern
    wachintern / 9-23-2014 / ·

    Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law sentenced to life in prison

    Sulaiman Abu Ghaith: sentenced to life in prison

    Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, Osama Bin Ladin’s son-in-law, was sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday. Abu Ghaith was charged in a New York courthouse because he was a primary recruiter and mouthpiece for Al Qaeda – especially after the 9/11 attacks. Abu Ghaith was tried on American soil, but he was captured in Jordan a little under a year ago. The United States expedited him over here and charged him with several counts of terrorism. Abu Ghaith’s trial marks the first high-order Al-Qaeda member tried in an United States courthouse since the 9/11 attacks.

  44. wachintern
    wachintern / 9-29-2014 / ·

    Five more bodies found on Japan’s Mount Ontake after eruption

    Japan volcano: at least 30 victims found near Mount Ontake peak

    5 more bodies found at Japan volcano; toll now 36

    On Saturday, Japan’s Mount Ontake erupted suddenly and unexpectedly, killing or injuring 30 people. Today, five more corpses have been recovered from the sides of the mountain, bringing the death toll up to 36. While 12 bodies have been recovered, identified, and pronounced dead, there are still 24 bodies on the mountain, unable to be recovered due to the noxious hydrogen sulfide gases the volcano is still spewing. Reportedly there were 200-250 hikers on the volcano at the time of the eruption – Mount Ontake is the second tallest mountain in all of Japan and is a popular tourist destination. However, many of the hikers were able to make the long trek down the mountain with minimal difficulties. There are still some missing hikers, especially those who were close to the summit at the time of eruption. Rescue teams are delayed due to the deadly fumes coming out of the volcano and the high probability of another eruption within the next 6 days.

  45. wachintern
    wachintern / 10-14-2014 / ·

    El Salvador reports some damage after 7.4-magnitude quake

    Powerful earthquake strikes off El Salvador, one dead

    Early Tuesday morning, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake shook El Salvador. However, damage was minimalized as the earthquake hit near the coast – 64 kilometers from the nearest municipality of Intipuca. There is at least one confirmed death as a result of the powerful earthquake. Reportedly, a citizen was killed in San Miguel by a falling electrical post. San Miguel experienced a power blackout, but the power was later restored. In San Miguel alone, emergency responders are dealing with 12 collapsed homes. Although there was an initial tsunami warning for the coastal towns near the earthquakes origin, the warning has since been downgraded to an alert.

  46. wachintern
    wachintern / 10-15-2014 / ·

    Nepal blizzards claim lives of at least 21 trekkers

    Nepal blizzards claim lives of trekkers

    An unexpected severe snowstorm hit the Himalayan mountain range, reportedly killing 21 trekkers. The freak blizzard hit a point on the Annapurna Circuit, and it was there that it claimed the lives of 12 trekkers – 10 Nepalese guides and 4 foreign trekkers. In the nearby Manang district, the snow triggered two separate avalanches, one killing 5 climbers, and the other killing 3 Nepalese farmers. The cause of all the snow and rain storms seems to be Cyclone Hudhud, which is touching down in India. This catastrophe hits during the peak of the tourist’s hiking season, people flocking from all over to climb the famed Himalayans. Scores of trekkers are still unaccounted for. The current incident, coupled with the avalanche earlier this year that caused the death of 16 sherpas, is expected to drastically negate the Nepal tourist industry.

  47. amelia
    amelia / 10-24-2014 / ·

    Missing Mexico students: Iguala mayor ‘ordered attack’

    In the town of Iguala Mexico, 43 students have gone missing due to the mayor according to the attorney general. The mayor did not want these students at his wife’s speech since they were going to protest. The mayor told the police force to arrest these students and then turned them over to a local gang; the mayor had taken bribes with local gangs. The police stopped busloads of students and witnesses said they saw them being put into police cars. The police under direct orders from the mayor turned the students oer to the gang; now they are missing. The mayor asked to resign when this event took place and now he and his wife are missing as well. The leader of this gang, Casarrubias Salgado, is now in a maximum security prison The mayor is wanted for being a fugitive while the mayor’s wife is wanted for ordering the attack. Even though it seems that the mayor was in charge for this, the mayor’s wife was responisble because she ordered for this to be done.

    1. wachadmin
      wachadmin / 10-27-2014 / ·

      Mexico is really in a state of crisis. The violence has reached epic proportions. The town of Iguala and the disappearances are definitely worth watching as this could have an impact on the United States.

      Joyce Davis

  48. amelia
    amelia / 10-27-2014 / ·

    Japanese officials in North Korea for abduction talks

    Japan team heading to North Korea to pressure it on abductees, PM says

    In the 1970s and 1980s it is believed that North Korea kidnapped 17 Japanese citizens in order to train their spies in Japanese customs. Now Japanese officials are going to Pyongyang to discuss the matter. North Korea said when this occurred that the citizens either died or never entered the country. Because of this the Japanese and North Koreans have no formal ties with each other. In 2002 Pyongyand admitted that North Korea abducted 13 Japanese citizens and five were sent back to Japan but Japan’s prime minister wants to know what happened to the other abductees who have “died” according to Pyongyang. North Korea was supposed to re-enter this case in 2008 but failed to do so and so now Japan is taking action even against the objections of those whose family members were abducted.

    1. wachadmin
      wachadmin / 10-27-2014 / ·

      Good analysis, Amelia! You are really picking out some of the most important international issues for comment.

      Joyce Davis

  49. SinarieSB
    SinarieSB / 10-29-2014 / ·

    Hello, My name is Sinarie Segu-Baffoe from The Capital Area School of the Arts. I am interested in world affairs because I think it is extremely important to be aware of other countries. Knowing world affairs and cultures of other countries helps us better understand the world as a whole. With a better understanding we can help to improve conditions, create peace and make the world a better place to live.

  50. Samika
    Samika / 10-29-2014 / ·

    Hi. My name is Samika Kanekar and I’m a sophomore at Hershey High School. Since I was young, I’ve loved global affairs. It’s crucial, for today’s generation especially, to know about global affairs. We are the future of the world, and we carry on our knowledge of our world to our posterity. We have to make sure that we know how our world works and what makes it run. We have to be aware of the myriad of cultures that exist in today’s society. I was born in Bahrain, off the coast of Saudi Arabia, and spent the first part of my life there. I personally am of Indian descent, and every summer I’m able to experience a different taste of humanity. I want to be a Global Scholar because I want to know more about the world around me and to learn about different cultures. I hope that the WACH program will give me deeper insight into these various cultures and the world.

  51. amelia
    amelia / 11-4-2014 / ·

    Pirate Bay co-founder ‘TiAMO’ arrested in Thailand

    On the run for 4 years, co-founder of Pirate Bay arrested in Thailand

    Hans Fredrik Lennart Neij (also known as his hacker name TiAMO) was recently arrested when he was going to Laos to Thailand. Neij is known for being the co-founder for The Pirate Bay which is the largest file sharing website. In 2009 there was an international warrant for his arrest for copyright infringement. He was sentenced for one year imprisonment and pay a $3.6 million fine for damages. While on bail he fled and has been hiding ever since until he was recently arrested. The other founder of this website (hacker name: Anakata real name: Gottfrid Svartholm) was arrested last week for hacking into the IT provider CSC of Denmark and accessing their civil registration program. Fortunately these hackers have been arrested and hopefully will no longer continue to do this.

  52. Claire
    Claire / 11-10-2014 / ·

    Terrorist attacks continue to happen in the world. Sad and tragic, and often too frequent, they have become an aspect of many people’s lives. Just recently, an attack was made against a school in Nigeria, leaving 46 students dead, and 79 wounded. This attack was carried out by a suicide bomber, who mostly had connections with the terrorist group, Boko Haram. Tragedies like this, are challenges the world faces as a whole, and world leaders must do something to decrease the violence against innocent civilians.

  53. amelia
    amelia / 11-15-2014 / ·

    Brazil ‘cannibal trio’ sentenced

    Brazilian Trio Running Cannibal Bakery Go to Trial

    In Brazil, a man and two women who lived together were arrested for murdering and for eating their victims. These people have admitted to this crime, but deny their accusation of selling human flesh in pastries to their neighbors.They are being sentenced for at least twenty years in prison. They would use the excuse that they needed a nanny and women would come for their “interview.” These people are believe that they need to purify the world and reduce its population. Even though this is very disturbing to most people, their motive is surprising because I have never heard of these “purifications” and that there are people in the world who believe in doing this to purify the world/reduce population. The man has stated that he is sorry for his actions and that he was in a moment of weakness.

  54. amelia
    amelia / 11-19-2014 / ·

    Honduras beauty queen Maria Jose Alvarado found dead

    The Honduras beauty queen and her sister were found dead a week after their disappearance. They were last seen a week ago after a party and left in a car which had no license plate. Her sister’s boyfriend has confessed to the murder along with Aris Maldonado. Maria Jose Alvarado, the beauty queen of Honduras was supposed to compete in Miss Worlds contest in England.

    London student demonstration sees arrests and scuffles

    In London there are many students protesting tuition fees for higher education. The British students do not want to be in debt after college. While talking to some of my international friends who live in countries of the EU, they say that college is almost free or free. The college students in London are complaining of tuition fees of almost 9,000 pounds ($14,000) which is cheaper than the average cost for private colleges ($35,074) and average tuition for public colleges ($17,474) ( The cost for British schools may not seem a lot compared to some American schools, but the students are comparing their fees to the countries near them where some colleges and universities are almost free or are free. The protesters believe that free education will encourage more people to go to school and that higher education is the key for an economy that can compete globally. But there are some people were are opposed to free higher education because the education system would not be sustainable if there were no fees.

  55. SinarieSB
    SinarieSB / 11-26-2014 / ·

    The Syrian government warplanes carried out at least 10 airstrikes in Raqqa against Isis killing 95 people and leaving 120 people critically injured. The city of Raqqa is known as Isis’s headquarters, a place where Isis sets up training centers, weapon depots, and accommodations for fighters. There many civilians are forced to live under the influence of the extremist group. Something needs to be done to weaken the influence of Isis. The U.S has also carried out airstrikes in the same area since September, but it seems that more innocent civilians are getting hurt then members of this growing terrorist group.

    Full Article:

  56. Claire
    Claire / 12-1-2014 / ·

    Based on financial issues, the World Food Program (WFP) has been forced to suspend its food aid scheme for Syrian refugees. The program has currently helped refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt through food vouchers. However, because this program is no longer able to provide assistance at the moment, there is a fear that many families could go hungry this winter. So many Syrians have had to flee their homeland due to the constant violence, but now with little support from the WFP, their situations will continue to be devastating, and difficult for months to come.

  57. amelia
    amelia / 12-2-2014 / ·

    Kenya al-Shabab massacre: Kenyatta replaces security chiefs
    Police questioning three survivors over Mandera attack

    On Dec. 1st the Islamic group al-Shabab attacked Kenya in North-Eastern Kenya. At 1am they came into the quarry and stood outside all their tents and forced them to lay down execution style. Most the of workers at the quarry were non-Muslim and non’local. They killed 36 quarry workers especially those who were non-Muslim. A person who saw the aftermath of this said that it looked like the victims were lined up to be shot at close range. The al-Shabab admitted that they attacked and that they estimate that the number of deaths was about 40 which is higher than any official count. This has not been the first attack by this group; last week they attacked a bus specifically targeting the non-Muslims. The prime minister fired his interior minister and allowed his police chief to retired as a result of this attack. His replacement for his interior minister is a former army general which some people think demonstrates that he is prepared and determined for war.

  58. amelia
    amelia / 12-13-2014 / ·

    Malala and Kailash Satyarthi receive joint Nobel award

    Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi received a joint Nobel Peace Prize. Malala has been advocating for education rights so that all children, especially girls, can go to school. In October of 2012 she was shot in the head by a member of the Taliban and she survived. Kailash has also been advocating for children, but to end child slavery. He has saved tens of thousands of child from hazardous conditions at industries. He has risked his life and job for his pursuits. Both receivers split the prize money. Malala donated all of her money to the Malala Fund. Malala is the youngest person to ever receive this award.

  59. Claire
    Claire / 1-4-2015 / ·

    Following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the Catholic Church looked for a man who could become the new pope and revolutionize the Church. This man happened to be Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who eventually took the name of Pope Francis. Pope Francis has attempted to modernize the faith and also unite it globally. This was most recently seen with his naming of 20 new cardinals. Many of these cardinals came from countries and lands that once featured few Catholic cardinals. Pope Francis’ ultimate goal is to bring the Church closer to the ordinary people, and naming new cardinals is one of the many ways he hopes to achieve this goal.

  60. Claire
    Claire / 1-4-2015 / ·

    Terrorism continues to create havoc throughout the world. The latest example is that Boko Haram recently seized the army base in the Nigerian town of Baga. Some residents of Baga managed to escape the town and fled to the neighboring country of Chad. These refugees stated that the town was set on fire, and many people had been killed. The terrorist group of Boko Haram has been very destructive for the past few years. There are reports that the organization attacks towns and villages almost daily, and abduct young girls and boys. The Nigerian government has little power to stop them, but someone needs to because these senseless acts of murder show the cruelty and destruction one group can cause.

  61. amelia
    amelia / 1-5-2015 / ·

    Syrians entering Lebanon face new restrictions
    Recently many Syrians have sought refuge in Lebanon because of the war. Over a million have already done so however the influx of Syrians in Lebanon is hard for the country and so now Syrians will have to obtain a visa. Before Syrians could go to Syria for six months without one and now with this new rule it is unclear what while happen for those who need to escape.
    South Australia bushfire: Firefighters warn of worsening weather
    In South Australia there is a bushfire that has already destroyed 12 homes since Friday the 2nd. This fire is a potential threat to 1100 properties. The firefighters are working are to control the fire and douse it completely. On Wednesday they are expecting winds up to 22 mph from the North and are also preparing for this by burning the bushes that are north of where the fire is currently so then there will be nothing to burn when the winds change.
    China lodges protest after North Korea man ‘kills four’
    A soldier from North Korean deserted from the army and sneaked over to China stealing money and food and also killing four people. Many people cross over the border near China in hopes of going to another country and then to South Korea for safety. China is frustrated with the murders and is dealing with the punishment of the man and they are not handing him back to North Korea. China has also protested to North Korea about this event.

  62. amelia
    amelia / 1-13-2015 / ·

    Mexico missing: Protesters try to enter army base

    Previously I wrote about missing students and Mexico and this is concerning the previous post. Relatives of the 43 missing students tried to gain access to a military base where they believed the students were in. The stopped a truck carrying beer and threw the bottles at the police. Family and loved ones have been told that the students have been burned and the remains tossed into a river. They found a bone from this river that matches the DNA of one of the missing students. The family members will not give up until they are shown evidence that proves they are all dead. The groups that has taken them are the Guerreros Unidos and they obtained the students from the police. The police turned them over to the gang because they thought the students were from a rival gang.

  63. amelia
    amelia / 1-22-2015 / ·

    Germany Pegida: Protest leader quits amid Hitler row

    In Germany there is a group called the Pegida who are against the spreading Islam in the West. The leader of this group has recently resigned due to anti-refugee comments on Facebook and a photo of him posed like Hitler. The name Pegida is an acronym for Patriotische Europaer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes which translates to Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West. Pegida claims they are not racist or xenophobic, buta t a recent protest where 15,000 participated and man said he believed that 5-10% of those participating were racists. One woman in this grouped even said that she was German and she does not want her daughter wearing a burka. These protests and their reasons behind them have caused it to make it on Germany’s political agenda.

  64. amelia
    amelia / 1-31-2015 / ·

    Canada PM Harper calls for expanded terror laws
    The Canadian Prime Minister has proposed a law that would make it illegal to make terror attack threats against the government including online threats. This is to stop people from joking about it and to ensure the safety of the country. Anyone found guilty of this crime will be sentenced to five years in jail. This law is being proposed because recently there was a man who shot and killed a soldier at the National War Museum (in Ottawa) and another man ran over two soldiers in a parking lot (they said they were inspired by the Islamic state group. This law will probably be passed but there are some in Parliament who are against it saying that it is unconstitutional and makes the people less free.

  65. amelia
    amelia / 2-11-2015 / ·

    Mediterranean sinking ‘kills 300 migrants bound for Europe

    Recently 29 migrants from West Africa traveling on the Mediterranean. have died due to an overturned dinghy and there were only 9 survivors. This is not the first time that this has happened; in 2014 over 300 migrants have died when they used the Mediterranean as a way of transportation. Italy had a rescue program that helped rescue migrants whose lives seemed to be in danger at sea, but this program ended in November. Currently the EU runs something similar to this called Triton, but it covers less area and has less ships. The Pope has even spoke about the deaths in the Mediterranean and said that the sea cannot turn into a cemetery.

  66. amelia
    amelia / 2-11-2015 / ·

    Ukraine conflict: Death toll rises ahead of peace talks

    Many towns in Ukraine are under rebel attacks against Ukrainian soldiers. Some of the people who live in these towns want to separate from Ukraine while others just want them to make peace. Currently they are trying to make a plan for peace but while this is happening many Ukranian soldiers have died. In a recent conflict 263 civilians were killed in the course of 6 days. In another town 19 Ukrainian soldiers were killed by pro-Russian rebels. In Debaltseve there are thousands of soldiers under rebel siege. Hopefully this conflict will be resolved soon.

  67. amelia
    amelia / 2-17-2015 / ·

    Danish intelligence was warned about Copenhagen gunman

    In Copenhagen, Denmark, a man who the media has named Omar El-Hussein shot many people while trying to kill a cartoonist, Lars Vilks. Vilks had made a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad dressed as a dog. Omar had just been released from prison two weeks ago, sentenced for stabbing someone. In his efforts to murder Vilks he killed Finn Noergaard and Dan Uzan. Noergaard was at a free speech debate and Uzan was at a synagogue. Some believe that Omar got his inspiration for this attack from the recent attack in Paris.

  68. amelia
    amelia / 3-10-2015 / ·

    Brazil femicide law signed by President Rousseff

    In Brazil, new laws have been put in place for the punishments of domestic violence, murder of a pregnant or recently pregnant woman, and other acts of femicide. They have increased the jail time for these crimes. Femicide is described as “any crime that involves domestic violence, contempt or discrimination against women.” Other countries in Latin America have introduced these laws such as El Salvador which has the highest murder rate of women. Those who are caught committing acts of femicide will be sentenced for 12 to 30 years in jail.

  69. amelia
    amelia / 3-10-2015 / ·

    Boko Haram child captives ‘forgot names’

    80 children who were taken captive by Boko Haram were rescued in Cameroon in November. While these children were in camp they were taught jihadist ideology and spent so much time with their captives that they forgot who they were and cannot even remember their own names. These children have lost touch with parents and their community. There was another Boko Haram attack a few days ago that killed at least six people.

  70. amelia
    amelia / 3-10-2015 / ·

    Solar Impulse: Piccard crosses Arabian Sea to India

    The Solar Impulse is a solar-powered plane that is on track to fly around the world. It is currently in Ahmedabad, India. They will not be flying for another 4 days; during this time they will be campaigning about clean technologies to the locals and the rest of India’s population. This plane has a wing-span of 72 meters and weighs 2.3 tons. The challenge for flying around the world will be flying over the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans at night. The plane also moves at a slower speed and is very cramped for those who are flying in it. This is the first airplane of its kind to attempt this feat and if they are able to complete this they will make a first for solar-powered planes.

  71. amelia
    amelia / 4-16-2015 / ·

    South Africa’s Durban city rallies against xenophobia

    In South Africa there have been many attacks on foreigners either looting their stores or the people themselves. The attackers believe that the foreigners are taking all the jobs; the unemployment rate in South Africa is 24%. The President has called these crimes against foreigners “shocking and unacceptable” The Zulu king has been accused of promoting these crimes but he has denied this. The protest in Durban was led by the mayor and they were chanting “Down with xenophobia.” The violence against foreigners started in Durban and the area around it and has now spread to Johannesburg. In Johannesburg, foreigners can take refuge in police stations. These crimes have happened before; in 2008 62 people were killed by xenophobic attacks.

  72. amelia
    amelia / 4-24-2015 / ·

    Putin condemns Kiev over ‘blockade’ of east Ukraine

    Russia’s president, Putin had a live phone-in conference with the people in Russia. He says that the life in Russia is improving but citizens say that they don’t think life is as good as the statistics. Many questions were about the quality of people’s lives but also about the conflict in Ukraine. Putin denies that there are Russian troops in Ukraine. He also was asked about the missiles sent to Iran. He believes that giving Iran a defensive weapon is not a threat. He was also asked about the murder of his leading critic and said that the man who ordered this murder may never be found. Although this was a live call-in much of it was choreographed beforehand and the questions were not too critical or too personal. 23% of the questions asked were about social welfare and the second biggest interest was housing and local services.

  73. amelia
    amelia / 10-18-2015 / ·

    Hi! I am Amelia Nazar and I find global affairs to be interesting and important. Knowing about current events in other places as well as knowing other cultures makes one more aware about the world we live. It is also important to respect the differences between these cultures. I believe that knowing about other cultures and respecting them may bring the world together. I also love experiencing different cultures (including their foods). Knowing these things, current events and different cultures, allows me to understand what is happening in my local community as well as my global community.

  74. amelia
    amelia / 10-25-2015 / ·

    Ivory Coast holds first post-war presidential poll

    EN DIRECT Les élections en Côte d’Ivoire

    The Ivory Coast had its first election after its civil war in 2011. The current president, President Ouattara, is running; he won the election in 2010 but the former president, President Gbagbo, refused to believe that Ouattara had won. Gbagbo was then arrested and put on trial. Today, some people will not vote because they believe that since Gbagbo is still in prison so are they. Theses people also believe that it is already certain that Ouattara is going to win therefore their votes will not matter. Some people that the election process is rigged so that Ouattara will win. There were also some problems with voting and that since it is done on tablets that there is a question of integrity. Some of the things used for voting did not arrive in certain places. The things used are a type of biometric; it uses someone’s fingerprint (they place it on the tablet) which makes fraud impossible. The results of the election will not be known until a few days.

  75. amelia
    amelia / 10-28-2015 / ·

    Australian officials ‘paid people smugglers’ – Amnesty

    In Australia, there is a zero-tolerance for migrants arriving by boat. This is because it is such a dangerous route for immigrants. This also includes asylum seekers, those who flee their country and are not considered refugees but they are endangered. Recently, Australia has been under scrutiny for the way they handle this and are being investigated. Allegedly, officials intercepted a boat, coming to Australia, that had asylum seekers on it. The boat was sent back to Indonesia and the crew was given over $32,000 by the officials to the crew. The passengers were told not to open it and threatened to shoot them. Some of these ships that have been sent back have sunk or lost fuel and passengers had to swim to safety. Australia is under investigation for giving the crew money. One reason that Australia may do this because some asylum seekers are not actually refugees (this was stated in one of the articles) and I believe that they do not want to give the benefits that refugees have if they are not actually fleeing from a dangerous situation. Nonetheless, I believe there should be a better way of handling this situation that could be safer for everyone.

  76. amelia
    amelia / 11-11-2015 / ·

    Spain’s top court suspends Catalonia’s secession bid

    Spain has not allowed for Catalan to become independent from Spain. This has been an ongoing struggle for those in Catalan who want to be an independent nation. The Spanish government does not want them to separate from the country. The Prime Minister of Spain says that this is a “blatant disregard for the state’s institution… they are trying to do away with democracy.” Catalan can only separate if the Constitutional Court allows them to, but the Court is expected to rule in favor of the national government rather and keep them in the country. Catalan is aiming for independence in 18 months, but not all of those in Catalan want to secede; it is split evenly.

  77. amelia
    amelia / 11-29-2015 / ·

    Migrant crisis: Turkey and EU strike deal to limit refugee flow

    The European Union and Turkey made a deal today over the refugees coming from Syria and other countries. They are giving Turkey 3 billion euros (which is just over $3 billion) to help with refugees and are allowing Turkish citizens to travel to Europe’s Schengen zone without a visa (most of the countries in Western Europe) but they have to agree to some conditions to this agreement. Many of the refugee that have arrived on Greece’s shores have come from Turkey where there they stayed in makeshift camps. They are providing money to Turkey to improve the conditions there for refugees.

  78. amelia
    amelia / 11-29-2015 / ·

    Chinese authorities boost smog alert level in Beijing

    Today, China’s smog in Beijing is the worst yet. The pollution is the second highest possible. Many other cities have very bad pollution as well. In many different part of Beijing the pollution was 17 times the level of what is considered safe. The pollution also causes many health issues for those living there. Another problem is visibility; only a few meters can be seen. The factories were forced to shut down as a result of today’s pollution reading.

  79. amelia
    amelia / 11-29-2015 / ·

    Mali attack: Rocket kills three at UN base at Kidal

    A rocket killed three people at a UN peacemakers’ base in Northern Mali. The UN has a peacemaker’s army based in Northern Mali to drive out Islamist militants. This is one of the world’s most dangerous peacemaking mission with over 56 troops killed. The attack on the base occurred after the shootings in Bamako, Mali. Twwo people were killed due to the attack at the base, one of them being a civilian contractor.

  80. amelia
    amelia / 12-13-2015 / ·

    Saudi Arabia: First women councillors elected

    The first female councillors were elected in Saudi Arabia. It was the first time that females have been able to run since the ban was created. It was also the 3rd election ever in Saudi Arabia’s history. There are at least 4 women who were elected according to SPA (Saudi Press Agency), but other new agencies have said that there are nine to seventeen. This is a major landmark in Saudi Arabia. When campaigning, the female candidates were not allowed to address the men directly which is a huge obstacle for them since more voters are men as 1.35 million males registered to vote compared to the 135,000 females that did (this is due to bureaucratic challenges and lack of transportation).

  81. amelia
    amelia / 1-10-2016 / ·

    The party-loving mayor who went on the run

    In a small poor community in Brazil where they have been promised a new school by the mayor, has found out that she has been stealing millions from the town. She ran for mayor because her boyfriend was not allowed to do so (due to him being accused of corruption). She named her boyfriend secretary of political affairs. She then left this town and spent time in another town that is a four-hour drive away. She communicated with the administration through WhatsApp, meanwhile she was going shopping and partying (which she posted on Instagram). When she was charged with corruption, she ran away, but has still communicated with her town through WhatsApp telling them to not communicate with the prosecutors.

  82. amelia
    amelia / 2-11-2016 / ·

    France bus crash: Six children killed in Rochefort

    In the center of the town of Rochefort, France, six students were killed in a bus crash. A truck crashed into the bus causing the accident. The students were on the bus going to Sugeres where their school is located. This happened today (Feb. 11 in the morning). Just yesterday, there was another bus crash that killed two children in eastern France.

  83. amelia
    amelia / 2-27-2016 / ·

    Why Don’t We Just Shoot Garbage to the Sun?

    This article, though not really a current event, was interesting since it posed a possible solution to our environment. Someone asked, why don’t we just throw our garbage to the Sun? They responded that it is possible but it is very costly, though if we discover new technology in the future it could be something we consider.

  84. amelia
    amelia / 2-27-2016 / ·

    Guatemala: Rape sentences in landmark military trial

    In Guatemala, 2 former military members are being sentenced to 360 years in prison for murder, rape, and sexual enslavement of indigenous women. This is a great step for women because even in countries like America, men aren’t being charged for rape or it is a very hard, long and tedious process for women to charge a men of raping them. All the women involved now have gotten justice which is something that should happen in every other country.

  85. amelia
    amelia / 3-6-2016 / ·

    Migrant crisis: Boat sinking off Didim, Turkey claims 25 lives

    Off the coast of Turkey, a migrant boat was sunk killing at least 25 people. At least 3 of them are believed to be children. 15 migrants were rescued. There will be an emergency summit meeting between the EU and Turkey after this crisis. It brings to question refuge policies.

  86. amelia
    amelia / 3-13-2016 / ·

    Turkey Explosion: Ankara car bomb kills at least 32

    Since this happened today there is not a lot of information known yet. What is known is that a car bomb exploded in an important transportation and commercial area. At least 32 are dead and 100 wounded. Also, there was at least one bus that was exploded and many other cars. It is not known officially who has done this but there are some suspicions. There has also been a ban of social media in Ankara so that images of the attack are not shown to others. According to BBC, “It was the third deadly terror attack in Ankara in less than six months.” Two days ago the US Embassy in Ankara warned their citizens of a potential terrorist plot which means that there has been suspicion of another attack.

  87. amelia
    amelia / 3-19-2016 / ·

    Istanbul shopping area hit by suicide bomber

    Last week I wrote about a bomb that went off in Ankara, Turkey and today another bomb went off in Turkey. It happened in Turkey’s biggest city, Istanbul. At least four people have been killed and 36 have been injured. Of those 36, 12 are internationals (6 Israelis, 2 Irish, one from Germany, Iceland, Dubai and Iran). The Turkish government has blamed the Kurdish military for the previous attacks and has retaliated against them. This has now been the fourth attack against Turkey in less than six months.

  88. amelia
    amelia / 3-23-2016 / ·

    Syria troops ‘reach outskirts of IS-held Palmyra’

    In Syria, it was found that the Islamic State destroyed an ancient temple of Palmyr; it was over 2000 years old. They have destroyed other ancient temples because they consider them to be idolatrous. This has caused global outrage. The UN cultural agency has called this destruction a war crime. The Syrian military have reached the outside of the city and drove out IS.

  89. amelia
    amelia / 3-23-2016 / ·

    Yemen conflict: US air strike ‘kills al-Qaeda militants’

    The US military has killed at least 40 (according to a tribesman but 50 according to medics and local officials)a l-Qaeda militants and at least 25 have been wounded. They conducted a drone strike after locating the military camp. The US believes that this will make al=Qaeda feel like they cannot use Yemen as a base to attack US citizens in the area. The US considers al-Qaeda as “one of the deadliest offshoots of the jihadist network founded by Osama bin Laden.”

  90. amelia
    amelia / 4-18-2016 / ·

    Migrant crisis: Hundreds dead after capsize, say survivors

    A ship carrying migrants capsized in the Mediterranean today. The ship departed from Libya and was heading towards Italy. The migrants came from many countries, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, and Egypt. According to those on the ship, there were about 240 migrants. As of now, there are only 41 survivors. It is believed that there is about 500 people dead, including the migrants. BBC talked to survivors and the firs thing that one of them said to them was that he saw his wife and baby drown right in front of him. This is very heartbreaking and there are other stories like this. Survivors also said that traffickers had forced them onto another boat, but some who were fortunate swam back to the original boat. The boat they were forced to go onto was a wooden boat about 30 meters in length (over 30 yards) and already had about 300 people on it.

  91. amelia
    amelia / 4-18-2016 / ·

    Brazil President Rousseff has ‘clear conscience’ over impeachment

    Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, may be impeached for manipulating government accounts. The lower Congress has already begun voting to impeach her, but she says she has done nothing wrong. (On a side note I would like to congratulate Brazil for having a female president before USA.) She denies having manipulating government accounts and says she will fight the injustice against her. The lower Congress has voted to impeach her which means that the Senate has to vote on whether to start the impeachment trial. This voting will take place next month.

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